#NotAllMen won best show at Leicester Comedy Festival 2021.

 Look out for Esther’s brand new spanking hour #NotAllMen takes on a little feminist walk starting from the 90’s…..remember lad culture…that was fun time for all teens..

Brighton 25th and 27th June https://artistacafe.gallery/whats-on/esther-manito-not-all-men-brighton-fringe-2021/

Hastings 7th July https://www.hastingsfringecomedyfestival.com/june-13th

Lincolnshire 28th July https://www.comedyhotspot.co.uk/

Bath 31st July https://www.bathcomedy.com/whats-on?id=1323

London Hen and Chickens 8th August https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/esther-manito-notallmen/

London Museum of Comedy 21st August https://museumofcomedy.ticketsolve.com/shows/873618160

Manchester Tribeca 30th September https://manchesterevents.org/

Birmingham Glee 19th November https://www.glee.co.uk/Birmingham/