Independent – 29th October 2022 – The Comedy industry is determined to silence mothers – Why?

Mums on the circuit should not be scorned for commenting on one of the biggest identity changes in their lives, especially when we live in a society that sadly still has an anti-mother sentiment

There are two areas of my life that have taught me equality still has some way to go: motherhood and the comedy industry. When you put the two together you soon realise there is still a very strong cultural pull that wants mums to be, essentially, voiceless.

Independent – 13th October 2022 – Dear women, female comics can be funny – I promise

What ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ hell are these women living in? Are they only made to laugh by the men in their lives?

Can you imagine telling a joke and someone who shares your ethnicity says to you: “Wow! You’re funny? That’s so weird, because I don’t normally find people of our ethnicity funny”. Now replace the word ethnicity with sexuality, religion, political leaning or even hair colour.