Esther Manito brings you her award winning brand-new stand-up hour ‘#NotAllMen’ after a successful and critically acclaimed award nominated 2019 show. Esther’s biographical show takes you back to the 90’s: lad mags, calling landlines, the vast amount of cock n ball graffiti and trying to imagine what she should ever hope for from a future spouse!?!?! Being told by the media around her that her middle eastern heritage was filled with misogynistic men compared to western fellas, yet  Nuts magagazine seemed to give a very different message…. Best Show Winner 2021 Leicester Comedy Festival. “Undeniable Stage Presence”The Scotsman “Incredible Comedian”EdFest Mag

Brighton Artista Cafe Tickets

10th June Doors 6:30pm – 7pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

25th June Doors 8pm – 8:30pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

27th June  Doors  6:30pm – 7pm Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

Hastings The Piper

7th July Doors 7:30 – 7:45 Start (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)

Friskney Lincolnshire

28th July (split show with Lloyd Griffith) Doors 7pm

Bath The Forum Coffee House

31st July Show starts 7:30 (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR)


August 8th show starts 3pm (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR) The Hen and chickens Theatre Bar

August 21st Show starts 7:30 (SHOW RUNS FOR 1 HOUR) Museum of Comedy

Cambridge TBC

Liverpool TBC

Manchester TBC