“Esther has a lot of hair and a lot of talent”


“I’ve seen the combination of natural wit, careful craft, superb performance skills and sharp observation that goes into her work, and I’ve seen audiences of all kinds convulsed with wild laughter, sudden recognition and scandalised ‘did she just say that?’ disbelief. In taking cultural observations and making them universal, Esther has a rare and brilliant ability to combine humour, intelligence, flights of fantasy and brilliantly captured moments from daily life, them spin them into something brilliant, moving and outrageous. She is always hilarious and never cruel. I look forward to seeing her star shine ever brighter and can’t wait for what she does next.” – Bidisha BBC Broadcaster and Journalist

‘We’ve loved every minute working with Esther. Her stand up is bold, original and unapologetic – and of course laugh out loud funny. This channels well to the page and her contribution to our publication Don’t Panic, I’m Islamic: Words and Pictures on How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Alien Next Door (a Sunday Times Humour Book of the Year 2017) is often singled out as an outstanding piece of autobiographical, deeply human piece of writing. We have run numerous events with Esther, which are not only hugely popular, but also so enjoyable for everyone involved. Esther is a dream to work with.’- Saqi Press

Esther Manito has a sharply observed and carefully honed stand up comedy set, well written and equally well delivered she displays a deft touch along with the ability to draw an audience in and then deliver big laughs, she is versatile, confident and extremely polished, there is nothing about her that suggests she is a ‘new’ act and indeed she is very comfortable sharing the stage with high calibre professional comics…which bodes very well indeed’ – Geoff Whiting – Mirth Control

 ‘Esther Manito : Her Arab roots provide her with plenty of comic material. She is confidently funny and at Arabs Are Not Funny shows she has always showed remarkably good stage presence and audience control..’ Aser  El Saqqa – Arts Canteen 

Esther’s material is strongly identifiable if you are a wife, mother and have a strong sense of family.  We need more gritty reality of the feminine kind and Esther tells it like it is!- Lynne Parker Founder & executive producer @ Funny Women