CRUSADE is a sharp, personal and contemporary a look at marriage, migration, motherhood and the Middle East. I ask vital political questions, such as:

  • If the EDL and Isis hate women so much, why can’t they get along? 
  • Why does that nightmare mum from the school Parents and Teachers’ Association remind me so strongly of Iraq war era Tony Blair?
  • How do you express your far right views on your Tinder profile, in a fresh yet sexy way?
  • Why are we surprised by entitled adults when we spoil our kids? 
  • How much sleep can you miss before you kill your kids?

I started doing stand-up with no experience, on maternity leave, just to get away from the kids. Having now performed to Brexit voters, Tommy Robinson supporters, liberal lefties and entirely Arab Muslin audiences, and been the first woman to perform comedy at Dubai opera house, I’ve heard it all. In CRUSADE I share some of my experiences as a British Lebanese woman comedian, from my fellow Arabs yelling at me to cover up, to the far right activist heckling me as ‘Jihadi Jane’ to the worst of all: Linda, the school gates mum chum who thinks I wear too much makeup.In the last year I have opened for comedian Shappi Korsandi., Jason Mansford and Alan Davies.

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